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Malamaison Alaskan Malamutes

IMG_3255For the last 2 years we have had great fun working our dogs. we have five Alaskan Malamutes, two of which are home bred under the Malamaison Alaskan Malamutes kennel which is owned and run by my wife Sarah Cochran. Sarah has Malamaison Alaskan Malamutes at the heart of our breeding program and it is with great pride that we have seen two of our dogs Diablo and GG come through to be great Sled Dogs.

We recently had a great weekend at Aviemore with the dogs, being out in the beautiful Snow and were able to achieve some great 5-6 mile runs through glorious Rothiemurchas stated logging tracks. If you’ve never been sledding with a team of dogs its something you really should put on you’re bucket list.

The interesting part of any sled run is how the dogs, particularly the Alaskan Malamute, and I am going to be biased and say our Malamaison Alaskan Malamutes really seem to have this inbuilt knowledge of whats expected of them. they thrive on the excitement of being in the wilderness (yes these parts the highlands of Scotland are wild) they love the crisp cold weather and when the snow falls they really come into their own. Nature has equipped these dogs with massive stamina, an eagerness and love of running. the dogs are the freighting dogs of the sled dog world, they are designed to pull loads over long distances at a nice steady pace. try telling them that if an errant rabbit or squirrel runs away ahead of them!!! they may appear tired out but they soon summon up some amazing bursts of speed in pursuit of what they see as a potential meal.

The trails around the Scottish Highlands are truly beautiful and when the cry of MUSH goes up its the start of a new adventure for the Malamaison Alaskan Malamute team and Me Mr Frank S Cochran the trainee Musher!! when i was up in Aviemore at the beginning of January 2015 we had some great runs. the ground was crisp with freshly fallen snow, a real chill was in the air and the Alaskan Malamutes were keen to have fun. Yes I did Fall off and the expression on the dogs faces was priceless but, the thrill of calling MUSh and watching three big Alaskan Malamutes drop their shoulders and in unison begin to pull the sled over the snow was a sight to behold. Ok there was a rut in the road I did fall off but having regained my composure and got back on, we had a thoroughly exhilarating run through the forests. After about the first five minutes the dogs settled into a nice steady pace 6-7 miles per hour doesn’t sound fast but you cover a lot of ground and the only sound is the soft crunch of the Malamaison sled dog team of Alaskan Malamutes and I gliding across the snow. the sun was shining the snow was crisp and virgin white. the air was crisp and clear and we all had a thoroughly wonderful time. Thanks must go to Simon Greenway and Wayne Davy who were brilliantly supportive of Malamaison and always have been, thanks for the loan of the new sled lads, were now in the market for one so Frank Cochran and Malamaison Alaskan Malamutes sled dog team can get into this on a regular basis… till the next run MUSH!

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