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27th August 2015

FSC Investment Services Ltd

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC - Thursday 27th August 2015 at 2 pm.

Come and join us for a free, no obligation seminar to discuss your investments, your pension freedom, your wealth management and your financial future.

Can you afford not to?

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RISK is a four letter word

FSC Investment Services Ltd 

Formed in 1987, we are a fully independent, whole of market financial advisory service to discerning investors. Our clients are mainly individuals who require an honest and straightforward solution to their money problems. We have advisers who have specialist expertise in wealth building, secure money management, corporate and business financial planning and pension and retirement solutions.

Regardless of your age or your current wealth, our strategic investment management solutions may work for you. There’s a lot we can do to help you achieve the kind of wealth you could only ever have dreamt of.

For many investors RISK really is a four letter word, however if you allow us to manage your risk and let us invest in high-quality funds that have true growth potential, solid fundamentals and which operate in an expanding market we believe that this is a sensible way to invest. We make the difference by doing all the research, analysis and fund tracking for you; this means you potentially make better and more profitable choices.

At FSC Investment Services we believe that constantly trading markets is hazardous to your wealth. We also believe that people who weave in and out of markets trying to time the peaks and troughs are more than often buying ‘after the curve’ and getting it all completely wrong.

Our view is that people who think that investing is a guarantee to getting rich quick, is that it simply just doesn’t happen like that. As a regulated financial services firm we provide well-researched, recommendations and advice. We do not have a crystal ball and we are not recommending that you have a ‘punt’ on the next red hot share tip. We firmly believe in the ‘BUY AND HOLD’ philosophy, aiming for you to hold funds that have been performing well for the longer term. This should help reduce your transactional costs whilst maximising the possibility of enjoying long-term returns and reducing risk. We aim to provide an exceptional opportunity to build and protect your wealth over time, and work towards creating a lasting legacy for you and your family to enjoy.

Our Unique Selling Proposition is that unlike the vast majority of other Independent financial services firms we employ our own internal portfolio research and management team. The team are hand picked individuals who have proven track records of excellence in analytical research, fund management and portfolio construction.

Each client we have enjoys the peace of mind knowing that their portfolio is individually custom designed, strategically aligned and managed solely for them. We do not use off the shelf portfolios nor do we use ‘stock’ risk rated portfolios derived by platform providers. This guarantees that your fund is built to satisfy your needs and to take into account your own personal tolerance of risk and acceptable tolerance of losses.

We take account of the amount you want to invest, the amount of time you want to invest for and the purpose. Whether it be for income, growth or a combination of both, we look to find the most advantageous tax wrapper for your investment.

As a client you will always have access to our professional team – we are only a phone call away. If you would like to book an initial free, no obligation appointment to see one of our advisors then call 01902 422333 or email

Money Made Simple Seminars

We are holding five Money Made Simple Seminars this year, which you are very welcome to attend.

To get more information and book your place call Robin on 01902 422333 or email

Come and join us for a free, no nonsense, no obligation seminar to discuss your Investments, your pension freedom, your wealth management and your financial future.

Can you afford not to?