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Thursday 29th October

As you may be aware, we run a series of seminars for both existing clients and for potential new investors. These seminars are an important opportunity for us to be able to give a more in-depth analysis of the investment markets and to introduce some element of technical understanding of how certain taxation systems can be used to your advantage. It is also an ideal way of expanding your knowledge of how we manage your finances.

We have noted that some of our clients have either not been aware of the seminars or they have thought that they wouldn’t be appropriate for them.

It is with this in mind that we have decided to write to you personally to say:


These seminars are free and an opportunity for you to meet other clients. They are for your benefit and designed to keep you informed about matters that can and do impact on the money you have invested with us. Our next seminar is on Thursday 29th October at the Fairlawns Hotel, Little Aston, WS9 0NU starting at 7 pm. The presentation will last for around an hour after which light refreshments will be available. Please take a few minutes to mingle with us and our other guests.

We know that people don’t like turning up to an event on their own so please take this as an open invitation to ask a friend, relative or colleague to come along with you. We hope they will find the information useful and you can discuss the ideas with them in the car on the way home!

Come what may I’d love to see you there and you’ve probably never been to one of our events before. On this occasion I’d really appreciate you taking the effort to come along.

We will go through a number of quite important aspects of market conditions, expectations for the future and look at driving factors which make the markets move. We will also be discussing the four seasons of a persons life and how time can change a persons attitude to investing. We will look at the new inheritance tax limits coming into force in 2020 and how we can plan to move our estates into the hands of our family, free from Inheritance Tax. We will also discuss Long Term Care and how to make sure you gain the maximum benefit from local authority funding and still preserve your funds for you and your families benefit.

So, in a nutshell, we want you to come to the seminar and we feel there will be a lot to interest you. We feel that it will help you understand more about your finances and how we can help to secure you a better and safer financial future.

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