How are your Investments performing?

They say the definition of insanity is to do the same things tomorrow that you did yesterday and then expect a different result.

Well that can certainly be true when it comes to becoming financially safe and secure. We are now in the middle of the festive season and people do tend to spend too much money, but hey tomorrow never comes, right? Well the truth is what you spend now will either no longer be available in the future or you may be spending money you don’t already have by using finance or credit. Either is not good.

You may say that you always do this, well if you’re fed up of never having ‘real’ money of your own to spend its probably because your doing what you’ve always done and hoping for a different result. That won’t work.

The only way to improve your financial worth is to start doing things differently, save more and spend less, invest in areas where real interest is achieved, don’t keep relying on old deposit interest rates that are fed to you by your Banks and Building societies and moan about how little they pay, do something different. Try investing in real interest bearing stocks and shares ISA’s or tax efficient investment bonds. The choice is literally endless; the governing factor will be how much risk you’re willing to take.

Most people don’t realise that genuine higher interest rates are available from non standard high street savings. If you cant get a good deal from your Bank or Building Society then go somewhere else.

As Wealth Managers and Independent Financial Advisers, we don’t exist just to make money for ourselves, as I’m sure some of you may believe!!!  We have hundreds and hundreds of clients who are ‘savvy’ enough to understand that to get a good deal on your money you need to go to an expert who will ‘for a fee’ guide you through the maze of products, funds and services that are available. These folks wouldn’t invest with us nor would they stay as clients for years and years unless we delivered on our promises.

In a nutshell, you need to bury your fears, see an Independent Financial Adviser, tell them what your looking to achieve then work out a plan of action which is affordable to you, but one which will direct you to a new and more profitable New Year. If in 12 months time your still in debt, or you haven’t moved forwards financially, then it could be your own fault.

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